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Dancing on Friday’s the 14th and 21st December. Free Tea and coffee, air conditioning a beautiful sprung floor. 7.30 start and £5 per person.

Phone me on 07801354258 with any questions.

Dancing at the Piccadilly Ballroom, Klikaway Hotel/Piccadilly Hotel, Bath Road, Bournemouth, BH1 2NN. Entry £5 each. 7.30pm -10pm.

We are now providing free tea, coffee, and biscuits to help with the energy levels lol.

The Piccadilly Ballroom is air conditioned and has one of the best sprung dance floors in Bournemouth.

The name of Strictly Dancing Plus was conceived to try and cover our range of dances. As well as the expected Ballroom and Latin music we also play Rock n Roll and Modern Jive (Ceroc – like) or freestyle, sprinkle in some popular Sequence dances and to give a varied range of interesting dances.

The music is mostly Strict Rhythm with a mix of instrumental and vocal recordings, traditional and up to date tracks recorded at dance beats and times. The aim is to play interesting enjoyable tracks to both dance and listen to.

The Piccadilly Hotel has just rebranded, the Piccadilly signs have gone and now read Klikaway.   The ballroom entrance is down the steps to the left of the main entrance.

Parking at The Klikaway Hotel is now controlled by a Parking Company. Camera’s are being installed and strict rules apply. Dancers parking cars need, each time they visit, to register their registration plate number on a tablet in the ballroom. No fee is to be charged but dancers must park on the left side of the hotel. Lines in the car park will show the correct bays. Others using the hotel will have to pay £1 and park on the right side. Failure to follow these rules will result in a large fine.

Parking on the left side of the hotel is for the ballroom and the right side is reserved for residents, parking in the residents zone may result in a fine so please take care. Parking at the hotel opposite, The Ramada Encore is no longer free. A fee of £10 for 3 hours is being charged with large fines for non payment

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You can email me at laurie@strictlyplus.co.uk

Please share this with your dancing friends, thanks – Laurie

PS those of you on facebook please check out the Strictly

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Laurie at the Piccadilly
Piccadilly new poster